There’s nothing wrong with wanting to express yourself better.

Even so, all of us at SORRY for BEING SEXY know how difficult it can be for women to live up to everyone else’s expectations. 

The only expectations which should ever matter are your own. 

That’s why SORRY for BEING SEXY has been created with great care literally from the bottom up. Everything that we do is based on our belief that every woman has the potential to be beautiful, successful and sexy on her own terms.



Our collections are the result of extensive research and production work by some well-known figures in the fashion industry, often involving lots of prototypes to ensure that we get things absolutely right for you. We’ve tested numerous fabrics to add comfort, class and a feeling of luxury.

We want to bring a lot of style and a little spice to your wardrobe. Since its launch in North America, SORRY for BEING SEXY has been a big hit with women of all ages.

Now, we’re bringing that same inspirational formula for a happier life to women across Europe.

Our fans and friends tell us that it not only works for them but for their partners too.

They recognise that great garments help build confidence and confidence can help you feel – and look – sexy. 

There’s something else that we feel strongly about. We don’t think it’s right that you should be a human billboard, wearing clothes covered in someone’s brand name.

SORRY for BEING SEXY is as much a state of mind – an expression of who you are and how you feel - as a slogan. After all, why imitate?

Be your own role model!