Valentine's Day 2018

Carin King

Posted on January 21 2018

Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2018 

Valentines Day 2018 gift for her gift for him

10 Golden Rules for your best Valentine ever:

  1. Check early enough that your plan can be organised  for the day (e.g. book a restaurant, order or shop for your present in time)
  2. Make sure your sweetheart knows you have plans, so that he or she is available.
  3. Invest a little bit of time in a card, write something personal, choose a card that does not offend, but compliment. Humour is great, but less romantic.
  4. Restaurants are overbooked at Valentine. Consider cooking for your sweetheart yourself.
  5. Prepare everything the day before, wrap your present, write your card, do the food shopping, cool the drinks, put up the candles.
  6. Put effort into your personal presentation on the day. Arriving flustered and sweaty after a full working day does not set the right mood.
  7. Be romantic, but do not give the vibe of expecting the marriage proposal.
  8. Express your appreciation for all the effort your sweetheart has put into the day.
  9. Don’t dismiss the day as a commercial exercise. Especially women love to be celebrated.
  10. Enjoy your time together!

The best Valentine gift for him?

It is YOU!! You are a wonderful being, you are smart, beautiful, fun to be with and he can be proud to be with you. Prepare yourself for the day. Have time to enjoy your time together, its a gift already.

And even if you are not sure you would spend the night together, wear clothes that make you feel a Million Dollars! Be brave, be confident, be a woman.


The best Valentine gift for her?

Well, let us give you a list what you should NOT buy:

  • Avoid any household articles. Valentine is not the day to remind your sweetheart that she should iron your shirts or toast your bread.
  • Avoid chocolate, except she absolutely loves chocolate. And don’t buy her chocolate, because you absolutely love chocolate!
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorants, toothbrushes, hair shampoos - anything that might make her think you want her to smell or taste better.
  • Avoid live animals. From tarantulas to puppies. Animals need care, time and love and she might not have all three. Except this has been discussed in detail beforehand. But is it still a surprise then?
  • Avoid sports articles. They are handy to have, but totally unromantic. She may also think you feel she needs to work out more or her body shape needs to change.
  • Avoid gardening utensils. You really just think of gardening when you think of your sweetheart??
  • Avoid subscriptions for totally useless magazines. If anything speak to her girlfriends and find out, which books she really would like to read.
  • Avoid decorative objects that do not connect to your relationship in a romantic way. It will dishearten your sweetheart every time she looks at it until it lands in the bin as clutter.
  • Avoid any form of practical garments. No socks, gloves, jumpers, sweat pants or scarves. You possibly know the only set of garment that is suitable for Valentine! (If you don’t, press the button below)
  • Buy something that she will proudly show her girl friends, because it expresses how you see, value and love her.

Happy Valentine 2018! Have a wonderful time!

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